Happy Australia Day!

Three beers from down under, to celebrate Australia day the way it should be! Tipsy.

Today is another G’day! Time to fire up the barbie, slip an extra shrimp on there and bring out the cooler for the beer. Why? It is Australia day, mate! But what beer is appropriate for such an event? Definitely not Fosters. Nobody drinks Fosters in Australia, and neither should you. Even if you’re in any other country, don’t drink Fosters.

Tooheys Extra Dry

Tooheys is an average lager, it’s clear amber colored, but it doesn’t really smell pleasant.  The nose is a bit like honey covered potatoes left in a metal box in the sun for hours. The taste is pretty average, mildly malty, sweet almost no bitterness. It’s probably quite refreshing when it’s extra cold, but otherwise there’s not much enjoyment in this bottle.

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale - Excellent choice for a barbie

This pale ale could be a substitute for all lagers out there down under. It is quite carbonated very different in this aspect from traditional British ales. It has a hoppy nose, quite aromatic, but not overwhelming. The taste is really similar. It’s fruity, with hints of of citrus and a bit of malty sweetness. It’s very enjoyable, the hops are not overpowering, Overall a good, refreshing beer, exactly the tipe you’d crack open by the barbie.


Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale


Coopers Brewery Original Pale Ale - it's an okay beer

Yet another pale ale from Oz, this time from the Coopers brewery. It has a very pale colour and the taste is very mild as well. A bit of malty sweetness a bit of citrus freshness but nothing spectacular. It’s an okay beer. It’s a lot better than a can of fosters, that’s for sure, but I’d rather wave the Stone & Wood Pacific Ale.


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